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Water System Operations Services

To ensure the quality of water provided to the public, the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection requires all public drinking water suppliers to obtain the services of a Certified and Licensed Water Systems Operator.

The duties of the Licensed Operator encompass all aspects of the operation of the drinking water system. They are responsible for the quality of water to the last free flowing outlet in the system.

It is their job to keep public drinking water systems in compliance with the EPA and DEP regulations for Public Water Systems.

Through meticulous inspections, water quality testing, record keeping, and reporting, the operator works with the DEP to prevent threats to the public health. The ever-changing developments in the drinking water industry require continual education and training to keep up to date.

Our most important job is to protect the quality of your drinking water.

Typical duties of your public drinking water system operator.

  • Perform all required site inspections and surveys.
  • Sampling and testing water.
  • Design and implement a source protection plan.
  • Design and implement a Preventive Maintenance Plan.
  • Design and implement an Emergency Response Plan.
  • System troubleshooting.
  • Timely filing of all reports.
  • Consumer confidence reports.
  • Cross connection surveys.
  • Backflow device testing.
Let us take the responsibility of operating your public drinking water system.

We are part of the solution.

Recipient of Mass DEP Drinking Water Program
2012 Public Water System Award
For Outstanding Performance and Achievement in 2011.